n 6,500 German companies 5.1 billion marks to the Nazi labor, although the majority of SMEs after Founded in World War II Nazi labor has never been used.Some well-known large companies in Germany during World War II have been used by the German army toLi Tsung-jen persuade Tang Sheng-chih join the revolutionary camp, sent an advance team into Hunan, Guangxi, opened the prelude to the Northern Expedition, and "sincere receive army,e flat rate  director and Wu Zhihui find a physician, tell them that 31 is the birthday of Chiang Kai-shek, Taiwan island are Shouqing preparatory activities for Chiang, Wu Zhihui not die in the 31st. If you can not dranike air max 2014 australia g Wu died Nov. 1, at 0:00 on the 30th in the past to stop breathing, that white is aborted rescue, removal of the oxygen tube, relatives of patients to ask doctors say can not be rescued again.In Huang Po degrees, Hongtao Zhou's urging, under the supervision of, the hospital had to stop on Wu Zhihui rescue. Wu Zhihui inserted in the nose oxygen tube removal Soon, Wu stopped breathing, this time for at 23:28 on October 30, 1953. Wu Chih-Chiang birthday last 32 minutes before the

death, aged 88 years.October 31, Taiwan's various newspaper articles are published extolling Chiang, Wu Zhihui naturally not publish news of the death. Until November 1, "Central Daily" reported only to the people of Taiwan made a report: October 30, "party-state" elder Mr. Wu Zhihui illness "died", died in Taipei.Wu Zhihui insider's death, in addition to Chiang Kai-shek and the "presidential palace" of the relevant personnel and a few medical personnel know, other people, including friends and relatives do not know Wu Zhihui. Those reebok gl 6000 australia  staff for fear of losing their jobs or go to jail for decades tight-lipped. A medical staff until the late 1980s, who participated in the rescue of the matter say Wu Zhihui, Taiwanese people learned the truth about the death of the KMT elder Wu Zhihui. Khitan customs, the Marriage is more important and unique kind. Liao history legends about "green cow horse", not only the earliest recorded history of the Khitan ethnic origin, but also reflects the Khitan ethnic initial marital status.In this legend, the Khitan people to their ancestors said to be a man and a horse, ride young cattle

woman, after each encounter love, married, have children and multiply, and gradually formed a Khitan eight.Legend reflects Khitan began early implementation of clan exogamy, marriage between two different lineages that each clan. And these two clans, the myth were to "Green Bull" and "White Horse" as a totem of lineage groups.After the founding of the Khitan, the "young cattle" as a totem of blood group is labeled "Yelu 's; to" White Horse "as a totem of blood group is labeled" Shaw "s. After a lengthy social change after the Khitan still following two mutually marital surname features. And because of this practice, the Khitan Liao society, formed a series of open and diverse, unique marriage customs phenomenon.Uncle to marry his niece granddaughter grandfather dare marryKhitan people's surnames essentially two Yelu and Xiao surname. Yelu a surname which includes the original large Hayes  nike flyknit max trainers, remote chariot and Liao Dynasty Emperor Taizu of Liao's family of world Richter; Xiao includes B's room, pulling Richter and broken wrist flat-law Queen Mother's home above the law. Khitan basically intermarriage between these two surnames conducted. From ABaoJi IV Zusa thorn Germany began, Baoji belong to a family of Yelv Shih Richter and above the law (later renamed Shaw) on the formation of intermarriage's customs. Liao final generation between the two families have always maintained a strong marriage relationship, this is because the continuation of the Khitan two names for the ancient tradition of marriage, on the other hand is due to the Khitan dynasty founded Yelv A Paul machine and its successors in the form of legal relationship will