Liao History Empress Biography" is only a few words: "Sejong Princess Zhen Shi, Tang Palace after people have pretty Emperor Taizong south from the consent of, the pet in case of very thick and the throne, Queen strict legislation... end weight, Aeolus Xianya. within the rule the law, Mogan to private  "nike air max 90 hyperfuse As a generation, the Queen, her place of origin is unknown, unclear origin, the paper said only that she was a pretty Tang Palace after people.Palace who is doing what  Han, Wei harem system, there are people in this palace grade; Tang Daizong, Corrections, Xianzong, Yi Zong, who are born to the palace. "Liao History Empress Biography" also has "Kai Tai five years, the palace were born Xingzong hoe pounds, after support for the child" records. Visible, palace person of lower status or no title concubines, they may be the favorite of the Emperor, and even to give birth

 the next emperor. Looks beautiful, beauty, who, well versed in literature, won the favorite palace and down as the Later Tang Zhen Shi, Hou Jin dynasties palace who have had a baby, difficult to trace, but the Later Tang Dynasty and the Later Jin Dynasty emperor, should be her man.In 946 AD, Emperor Taizong of Liao Yelu Deguang break the beam, exterminate Houjin year when 41-year-old Zhen Shi. With Yelu Deguang enter girders Yelv Nguyen Zhen Shi, is less than ten years younger, but deep Zhen Shi graceful, graceful heroic dumping, then satisfied Zhen Shi Wei Fei, loved her in every possible way. The following year, Yelu Deguang died en route to withdraw, Nguyen Yelu the throne in Zhujiang support, then the Zhen Shi canonized as the Queen, the Queen awarded the purple bag and nike air max 2015 australia   seal, Queens. They launched a marriage in the history of the Khitan Empress Frightening "younger man."Because Yelv Nguyen Yelv times by his father a great impact on the Han feudal culture is extremely admired. Han Zhen Queen temperament refined, dignified, graceful and virtuous, nomadic Khitan woman has distinct style. Although the Queen, but doing things strict, within the rule of the law, and never took the opportunity for personal gain. Despite humble origins, because of the rich experience and a visionary. All this impressed

 Yelv Nguyen feelings. He Zhen Shi respect love, plus pet event, every event, always love to discuss with her. Soon, Chen Ruan Yelv Queen gave birth to three princes Yelv just did.One can imagine, Sejong Yelv Nguyen Han Feng Zhen Shi for ladies, it will set off a kind of monstrous government and big waves in the Khitan! For many aristocratic society Yelv Nguyen destroyed two Khitan surname traditions very unhappy marriages, Shaw family this is intolerable. They have requested a separate Yelv Khitan woman after Nguyen.In the opposition continues to denounce and heavy pressure, Yelv Nguyen Tien Lu had in four years (950 years) to establish their own original concubine Xiao  only for the Queen. But he still retained the status Zhenshi queen, and put all nike air max 1 australia the feelings are used in Zhenshi body, until the end of life. So, Liao once appeared side by side two queens par strange phenomenon.However, in addition Yelv Nguyen, Khitan in other people's eyes, either in life or after death, Zhen Shi always a stranger. Zhen Shi death, tragedy ensued. Her body was hastily buried in the wilderness, eighteen years before being officially closed buried, and still have not been given due posthumous. Obviously has been Sejong "stand for the Queen" in the "History of the Liao Empress Biography", the official historian was called "Princess", and then ranked Shaw. "Sejong Liao Shi Ji", at least it should record "a certain period of a book stand for the Queen's," but she actually did not mention