About her, "historiographer!Because Zhenshi not Khitan people, not Xiao's daughter, a full ten years older than the emperor  Or because Zhenshi humble origin, who as the Later Tang Dynasty, Later Jin dynasties palace people  In short, the official historian of the Han emperor think of "senior Mature" a series of   reebok gl 6000 trainers   fortunate, the soul and the book up, I felt uncomfortable when put pen to paper inking, the inevitable a bit reluctant not hard.Divorce remarry norm Liao Dynasty saw five virginsIn fact, the Khitan tribe's marriage is still relatively open and free, Khitan people is relatively weak concept of chastity. Because the Khitan people who divorce remarry remarry arguably commonplace thing, but there were men and women the right to divorce for both sides can request a divorce according to their wishes, especially Liao princess in marriage is great initiative.Say "the emperor's

 daughter mentality, someone married someone unhappy." From 36 Princess "Princess Liao History Form" listed, we can see, the situation really is. Except Tian Zuodi six daughters unknown outside of marriage, divorce, remarriage who had six, accounting for 1/5 of those shows that marital status, which even two from three married persons, three from four married persons. Kagemune Bohai born as Princess femalenike flyknit max womens   shu brother, "and Rousseau consort Commandery not harmonic, table please divorce, adaptation Shaw slaves of God." Steven Chin woman mourning the Queen Mother Yan Jin, Xiao sip not marry, "after change XIAO Hai where appropriate, not harmony, away from it. also suitable Hu Xiao Du, not harmony, from the. is suitable Korea Wang Xiaohui. "Princess of these terms, want to marry whoever Jiashui want to leave it without romance. They are the youth of most of his time in marriage, divorce spent.Because women remarry Khitan situation too often, the system and the first year, Steven began "Zhaoci matter Mingfu widowed person." One purpose is to attempt to use the means of stabilizing property Mingfu reward of widowed life. This is reflected from the side road Dahir widowed Mingfu also actively looking for a new husband, to build a new home. Due to the larger surface involved Mingfu remarry

 Kai Tai six years Shengzong simply issued a "ban Mingfu then dipped" edict. This shows that, Liao Mingfu remarriage has become a common phenomenon, otherwise the court will not enacting such laws. Nevertheless, Steven, I did not follow this decree, some Mingfu remarry was under his auspices personally. There must marry marry women remarry, not ashamed, widowed men marry, no theory Africa, which has become commonplace Khitan marriage phenomenon.This is also one of the most serious was the number of combined Consort Qi and Fan slaves. Empress Consort Qi is Chengtian Huang Xiao Hu Xiaoyan Yan sister chariot, originally married the second son of the king Yelu Deguang foment Sage, it is commensurate with Consort Qi. The king's death, was made a Huangtai t, widowed Hu Xiao Huang Taifei thus became the chariot. Xiao Hu is a chariot in the military, political aspects are there as a woman. Horse during a reading of a slave looks pretty tart browse A bowl first sight, immediately called the Shi Qin. Empress Xiao know the news after furious, though she had no objection to Xiao Hu chariot remarry, but dignified Huangtai t is Princess and slaves  really demeaning. So she ordered the tart browse A bowl impose penalties, went the distance. However, nike air max 95 australia Empress Xiao doing, did not able to cut it to Fan Qi Fei love slave of love. A year later, the Empress Xiao Fei Qi request, must marry tart browse A bowl. Xiaoyan Yan gas first time has passed, ask yourself really considerate enough for my sister, so I agreed to her request. For the two matches, she will tart bowl labeled A general view and make him Tartar troops expedition meritorious service for the country to the level of people's mouth. So, after some twists and turns, and finally Qi Fei Fan slaves formed a couple.Consort Qi as a female senior nobility openly